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Shelter Request at 1718 S State St

OPENED 28 minutes ago #SR20-03359940

Restaurant Complaint at 2539 W Devon Ave

OPENED 28 minutes ago #SR19-03230507

Shelter Request at 5656 S Maryland Ave

OPENED 29 minutes ago #SR20-03359938

Nuisance Animal Complaint at 4142 N Kedvale Ave

OPENED 30 minutes ago #SR20-03359936

Traffic Signal Out Complaint at 735 S Laramie Ave

OPENED 31 minutes ago #SR20-03355999

Restaurant Complaint at 243 W Cermak Rd

OPENED 32 minutes ago #SR19-03230489

Gas Station and Storage Tank Complaint at 6700 S Jeffery Blvd

OPENED 33 minutes ago #SR20-03359932

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 5845 N Fairfield Ave

OPENED 34 minutes ago #SR20-03262461

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 9435 S Throop St

OPENED 37 minutes ago #SR20-03262457

Sanitation Code Violation at 630 W Marquette Rd

OPENED 37 minutes ago #SR20-03347135

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