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Tree Trim Request at 1825 N Karlov Ave

OPENED 12 minutes ago #SR20-05610424

Ice and Snow Removal Request at 4201 W Division St

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR21-00107059

Locate/ID Main/Service/BBox/Meter Vault at 5917 N Magnolia Ave

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR21-00106992

Tree Planting Request at 3644 S Hermitage Ave

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR21-00107052

No Water Complaint at 5916 N Magnolia Ave

OPENED 17 minutes ago #SR21-00106761

Low Water Pressure Complaint at 1431 N Campbell Ave

OPENED 18 minutes ago #SR21-00099883

Hydrant Check at 9966 S Commercial Ave

OPENED 18 minutes ago #SR21-00101956

Tree Planting Request at 3643 S Hermitage Ave

OPENED 19 minutes ago #SR21-00107046

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 8827 S Marshfield Ave

OPENED 20 minutes ago #SR21-00016480

Sewer Cave-In Inspection Request at 3302 N Paulina St

OPENED 20 minutes ago #SR21-00100251

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