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Animal Abandoned at 9952 S Avenue H

COMPLETED 12 minutes ago #SR19-02215640

Report an Injured Animal at 7316 S Aberdeen St

COMPLETED 13 minutes ago #SR19-02202675

No Water Complaint at 7228 S Eberhart Ave

COMPLETED 28 minutes ago #SR19-02230732

Inspect Public Way Survey at 2530 N Ashland Ave

COMPLETED 34 minutes ago #SR19-02227241

Shelter Request at 2255 E 103 Rd St

COMPLETED 34 minutes ago #SR19-02230731

Locate/ID Main/Service/BBox/Meter Vault at 5730 N Mcvicker Ave

COMPLETED about 1 hour ago #SR19-02226431

Sign Repair Request - One Way Sign at 45 W 114 Th Pl

COMPLETED about 1 hour ago #SR19-02225819

Animal Abandoned at 3941 N Keeler Ave

COMPLETED about 1 hour ago #SR19-02228709

No Building Permit and Construction Violation at 8609 S Vernon Ave

COMPLETED about 1 hour ago #SR19-01947794

Crisis Referral at 8346 S Muskegon Ave

COMPLETED about 1 hour ago #SR19-02229977

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