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Pet Wellness Check Request at 3245 W 83 Rd Pl

OPENED 8 minutes ago #SR21-01838418

Street Light Out Complaint at 2332 N Halsted St

OPENED 9 minutes ago #SR21-01838416

Tree Trim Request at 2509 N Rockwell St

OPENED 10 minutes ago #SR21-01591294

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 2126 W Erie St

OPENED 10 minutes ago #SR21-01752744

CDOT Electrical Operations Construction Complaints at 1601 W Belmont Ave

OPENED 11 minutes ago #SR21-01838410

Wildlife Assistance in Living Quarters at 7141 S Cornell Ave

OPENED 11 minutes ago #SR21-01828698

Blue Recycling Cart at 3840 N Neva Ave

OPENED 11 minutes ago #SR21-01838411

Graffiti Removal Request at 201 N Elizabeth St

OPENED 12 minutes ago #SR21-01838408

Bungalow/Vintage Home Information Request at 6510 S Rockwell St

OPENED 12 minutes ago #SR21-01838406

O'Hare Customer Service at 10000 W Ohare Airport

OPENED 13 minutes ago #SR21-01755873

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