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Shelter Request at 1969 W Ogden Ave

OPENED 18 minutes ago #SR21-00151887

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint at 1850 W Oakdale Ave

OPENED 18 minutes ago #SR21-00151886

Ice and Snow Removal Request at 9245 S Dunbar Ave

OPENED 20 minutes ago #SR21-00151885

Shelter Request at 4511 W Wellington Ave

OPENED 20 minutes ago #SR21-00151884

Street Light Out Complaint at 2242 N Mason Ave

OPENED 21 minutes ago #SR21-00151882

Snow – Uncleared Sidewalk Complaint at 1421 E 67 Th Pl

OPENED 22 minutes ago #SR21-00151880

Abandoned Vehicle Complaint at 1528 W Grace St

OPENED 24 minutes ago #SR21-00151877

Locate/ID Main/Service/BBox/Meter Vault at 2127 N Harlem Ave

OPENED 25 minutes ago #SR21-00151836

Snow Removal - Protected Bike Lane or Bridge Sidewalk at 1254 S Halsted St

OPENED 26 minutes ago #SR21-00151875

Shelter Request at 1500 S Fairfield Ave

OPENED 27 minutes ago #SR21-00151874

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