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Tree Removal Request at 8009 S Stewart Ave

OPENED 9 minutes ago #SR20-04224840

Dead Animal Pick-Up Request at 5481 N Sayre Ave

OPENED 10 minutes ago #SR20-04208685

No Building Permit and Construction Violation at 7204 N Oconto Ave

OPENED 10 minutes ago #SR20-04007526

Graffiti Removal Request at 4546 S Mozart St

OPENED 11 minutes ago #SR20-04224837

Shelter Request at 600 W Harrison St

OPENED 12 minutes ago #SR20-04224836

Abandoned Vehicle Complaint at 3946 N Kostner Ave

OPENED 12 minutes ago #SR20-03934232

Police Miscellaneous at 256 W 106 Th St

OPENED 12 minutes ago #SR20-04224835

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint at 4714 S Racine Ave

OPENED 13 minutes ago #SR20-04224834

Clean Vacant Lot Request at 10550 S La Salle St

OPENED 13 minutes ago #SR20-04224833

Report an Injured Animal at 1713 W 99 Th St

OPENED 14 minutes ago #SR20-04216902

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