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Alley Pothole Complaint at 5026 W Fletcher St

OPENED 1 minute ago #SR19-02539793

Illegal Dumping at 7721 S Champlain Ave

OPENED 1 minute ago #SR19-02492279

Sidewalk Inspection Request at 4501 S Laporte Ave

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR19-02272371

Park Repair/Maintenance at 2610 N Cannon Dr

OPENED 3 minutes ago #SR19-02006242

Report an Injured Animal at 1515 W Highland Ave

OPENED 3 minutes ago #SR19-02532147

Locate/ID Main/Service/BBox/Meter Vault at 5736 N Maplewood Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02536748

Vacant/Abandoned Building Complaint at 4850 S Seeley Ave

OPENED 6 minutes ago #SR19-02539778

Weed Removal Request at 3857 W West End Ave

OPENED 6 minutes ago #SR19-02168830

Wire Down at 5665 W Fulton St

OPENED 6 minutes ago #SR19-02532132

Tree Trim Request at 7724 S Constance Ave

OPENED 6 minutes ago #SR19-02179487

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