Street Light Out Complaint at 918 W Hollywood Ave

COMPLETED 5 months ago #SR19-00990850
Submitted Feb 10, 2019

Are all the street lights out on your block? Yes

Is the light located in your alley or street? Street

Is the light completely out or does it go on and off? Completely Out

address: 918 W Hollywood Ave

coordinates x,y: 1168782.1230927422, 1938078.4956703868

coordinates lat,lng: 41.98561303246325, -87.65459360015998

Timestamp Description
Mon Mar 18, 2019 06:43am Street Light Out Complaint Completed
Mon Mar 18, 2019 06:43am Determination Made Completed >> Surveyor Inspected-All Lights Burning OK
Sun Feb 10, 2019 05:51pm Street Light Out Complaint Opened