Sewer Cleaning Inspection Request at 4743 N Virginia Ave

OPEN 3 months ago #SR19-01760445

Location of Complaint: In front of caller's house

Do you smell an odor coming from the sewer? No

Can you describe the odor? ( If odor is gas, call 911): no odor

Is this in front of your house? Yes

Where is the structure located? Curbline

Are leaves over your catch basin? No

Is garbage over your catch basin? No

Best way to reach you? Phone

Best time to reach you? Afternoon

address: 4743 N Virginia Ave

coordinates x,y: 1156785.3153885566, 1931429.9431625814

coordinates lat,lng: 41.967621469576265, -87.69889824628771

Timestamp Description
Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:14am Sewer Cleaning Inspection Request Opened