Air Pollution, Odor or Dust Complaint at 3039 N Lincoln Ave

OPEN 12 months ago #SR19-02117804

What type of location does your complaint refer to? Commercial

Where on site is the issue occurring? Alley

What is the business name, if applicable? The Peerless Rug Company

What type of air pollution, odor or dust are you reporting? Chemical

What is the activity that is causing the air pollution, odor or dust? Factory

address: 3039 N Lincoln Ave

coordinates x,y: 1166156.9837352706, 1920408.2418001974

coordinates lat,lng: 41.937181838467254, -87.66475574212977

Timestamp Description
Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:44pm Air Pollution, Odor or Dust Complaint Opened