Air Pollution, Odor or Dust Complaint at 3401 N Southport Ave

OPENED 5 months ago #SR19-02215370

What type of location does your complaint refer to? Residential

Where on site is the issue occurring? Sidewalk

What is the business name, if applicable? Demo-X

What type of air pollution, odor or dust are you reporting? Dust

What is the activity that is causing the air pollution, odor or dust? Demolition

address: 3401 N Southport Ave

coordinates x,y: 1166434.1598652815, 1922738.9911878868

coordinates lat,lng: 41.94357159307711, -87.66367016497976

Timestamp Description
Thu Aug 15, 2019 02:14pm Air Pollution, Odor or Dust Complaint Opened