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Crisis Referral at 221 E 121 St Pl

CLOSED less than a minute ago #SR20-03532699

Water On Street Complaint at 359 E 63 Rd St

OPENED 1 minute ago #SR20-03534819

Water On Street Complaint at 6301 S Wentworth Ave

OPENED 1 minute ago #SR20-03534839

Street Light Out Complaint at 6633 S Aberdeen St

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR20-03420885

Public Vehicle/Valet Complaint at 7406 N Sheridan Rd

OPENED 3 minutes ago #SR20-03534832

Alley Light Out Complaint at 58 W 74 Th St

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR20-03534830

Traffic Signal Out Complaint at 7158 W 63 Rd St

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR20-03534825

Pet Wellness Check Request at 10911 S Avenue H

OPENED 5 minutes ago #SR20-03521174

Buildings - Electrical Violation at 5225 S Massasoit Ave

OPENED 5 minutes ago #SR20-03534823

Shelter Request at 645 S Central Ave

CLOSED 5 minutes ago #SR20-03533690

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