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Alley Light Out Complaint at 5843 S Natchez Ave

OPENED 14 minutes ago #SR19-02954904

Inspect Public Way Survey at 8057 S Yates Blvd

OPENED 14 minutes ago #SR19-03111267

Shelter Request at 500 E 51 St St

OPENED 15 minutes ago #SR19-03141389

Pothole in Street Complaint at 1521 W Warren Blvd

OPENED 15 minutes ago #SR19-03098373

Vicious Animal Complaint at 9244 S Saginaw Ave

OPENED 15 minutes ago #SR19-03141388

Nuisance Animal Complaint at 11532 S Parnell Ave

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR19-03141386

Street Light Out Complaint at 1705 W Wrightwood Ave

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR19-03082185

Buildings - Electrical Violation at 6642 S Saint Lawrence Ave

OPENED 17 minutes ago #SR19-02954863

Tree Trim Request at 6205 N Kedvale Ave

OPENED 17 minutes ago #SR19-02889779

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 12500 S Edbrooke Ave

OPENED 18 minutes ago #SR19-03048183

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