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Cable TV Complaint at 4310 W School St

CLOSED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01494360

Graffiti Removal Request at 436 W 35 Th St

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01656981

Check for Leak at 3750 N Sawyer Ave

CLOSED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01574000

Consumer Retail Store Complaint at 214 E 51 St St

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01650642

Wire Down at 8432 S Pulaski Rd

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01250069

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint at 2247 W Taylor St

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01624036

Street Light Out Complaint at 2544 N Clark St

CLOSED 3 minutes ago #SR21-01650874

Tree Debris Clean-Up Request at 2122 W 52 Nd St

CLOSED 3 minutes ago #SR21-01649272

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 9601 S Carpenter St

OPENED 3 minutes ago #SR21-01656979

Blue Recycling Cart at 5716 N Hermitage Ave

OPENED 3 minutes ago #SR21-01656977

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